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To join Lambda State Kappa Kappa Iota

Georgia Kappas follow membership protocol set forth by the National Chapter. They are as follows:

  • Membership in Kappa Kappa Iota is considered an honor. A member from the local, state or national level invites prospective members into membership. 

  • Membership dues are paid each fiscal year by May 30th.

  • Membership in Kappa Kappa Iota shall be extended to persons of good character who are recognized leaders in the profession of education. 

  • Professional members include educators (the term educators shall mean any person devoting a major part of time to teaching or allied work) and former educators.

  • All members are inducted into the organization upon acceptance. 

  • Prospective members shall have attended one meeting of the Chapter as an invited guest.

  • Membership dues, consisting of Local, State, and National are payable to the Chapter Treasurer annually.

Dues Structure

National: $50 Annually paid by May 15 

State Dues: $15.00 Annually paid by May 15

All dues are paid to Kappa Kappa Iota and are received by the local chapter treasurer.

Prospective Member

Contact Information

Fillable Form

Follow all instructions


Email to membership chair.

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